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One of our very first candles "Rose en Fleurs" is back!


Prepare to be transported to a lush, fragrant garden as you ignite our "Rose en Fleurs" candle. Close your eyes and breathe in deeply as the delicate aroma of green leaves envelops you, evoking the freshness of a dew-kissed morning. Then, let the enchanting scent of rose unfurl, its petals opening like a symphony of soft whispers, filling the air with the intoxicating fragrance of a thousand blooms.


But it's the subtle hints of carnation and ylang ylang that truly elevate this fragrance, adding layers of complexity and depth. Picture yourself wandering through a botanical wonderland, surrounded by the intoxicating scents of nature's most cherished treasures.


With each gentle flicker, the scent of our "Rose en Fleurs" candle dances in the air, wrapping you in a veil of floral enchantment. It's a fragrance so true to life, you'll swear you've been transported to a garden in full bloom, with roses so real you can almost feel their velvety petals beneath your fingertips.


Illuminate your space with the timeless beauty of our "Rose en Fleurs" candle and let yourself be carried away on a journey of sensory delight. Whether you're seeking a moment of tranquility or simply yearning to surround yourself with the beauty of nature, our candle promises to evoke the sensation of having a bouquet of fresh roses in the room, filling your heart and soul with joy and serenity.


Rose en Fleurs 12 oz candle

Expected to ship in 5-7 days.
  • Next or same day shipping available on orders placed Mon-Thu (Thu before 4pm EST). Delivery around Rochester and Buffalo area available Sat-Sun on orders places Mon-Thu.

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